Instant Celebration Cakes
Kosher Certification by Star-K  Dairy

Instant Celebration Cakes are packaged in their own microwave safe cooking bowl and include cake mix, frosting, sprinkles
and party favors.  Are great for any gift basket and make a wonderful stand-alone gift. They are small enough to be mailed,
make a great favor, balloon weight or gift. Just mix with water, microwave, decorate, and celebrate!
Note: Orders submitted on Shabbat, the weekend and holidays will be processed promptly on the next business day.
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Instant Cakes display the Star-K Kosher Dairy symbol on its package label.
All Instant Cakes are Dairy.
Shipping Charge:
Ships from PA. PA deliveries incur sales tax.
You will be charged for actual shipping cost.
Estimated shipping cost per dozen (12 cakes) ordered
will fall between $15.00 and $25.00 depending on proximity to PA.

Sales Tax:
Added to each order.  Based on the state tax rate of the Delivery Address.


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